Lawson has been playing drums since the age of six, drawing inspiration from the drummers he saw around him.

His first contact with the instrument was in a church.


At the age of seven he spent two consecutive years in the United States, more precisely in Virginia, playing at a gospel conference called « The Calvary Pentecostal Campground. » This convention of about 3000 people was led by Reverend Ruth Ward Heflin. During these 2 years Lawson played there every night: It was the beginning of his first professional concerts.



Back in France, he joined a school of drums called « Les 3 notes », this school, attached to the HSMA (Hohner Sonor Music Academy), is directed by Alain BEMER, his only teacher until today. Lawson was able to seize these opportunities, which made him increase in level, he obtained several degrees in the field including a first mention at the national level (Sonor Hohner Sonor Music Academy Trophy)

The « Focused » Project



Passionate artist, Lawson lives his dream which is realized step by step. His main activity is summarized by sharing this passion in concerts or recording & producing studios sessions but also through beautiful encounters & musical collaborations at national and international level. But this passion is summarized by the production, the realization, the writing and the interpretation of his Artistic Project called : The « Focused » Project


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